ngya2nʤaadv.since; given the existence of a situationNagyi atɔ ta ngya, sʋ ha ayɔ. I have finished eating now so give we should go (let's go).Ngya nagyi atɔ amʋ ta sʋ kʋkʋ tra ma nʋ. Since I have eaten all, there is none left.Ba ayɔ ngya. Let's go now.Ngya ɔmɛdɛba a, ha ayɔ. Since he won't come, let's go.Ngya ɩna nyankpʋ de tswie a, nkalɩ nɔ́bwɛ nɔ́yɔ. Since it is raining, how will it be possible for me to go.Négyi atɔ ngya. I will eat now.Ngya dɩdɩ ɩdɛ fʋ a, fɛ́talɩ yɔ. Since you are sleeping you can go.Ngya dɩdɩ ɩdɛfʋ a, kʋsʋ lɩɩ aloo kʋsʋ yɔ woyitɔ. Since you are sleeping stand up or go home.

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