dablundablũ(H) From:Ewedablun.a stew made with pieces of meat and water yam and with salt, pepper, tomatoes and onionsMmɛ́ɛtalɩ gyi ampesie kpan, sʋ bɔ dablun, mɛnɩ nénya oputsu nun. I will not be able to eat slice plain so cook dablun so that I will get soup and eat.Nɩ fówuli nyɔmba a, fégyankpa bɔ mʋ́ dablun, fówun fasa oputsu amʋ lɛ mʋ́tɔ, wuli faasɩ amʋ, wa nfɔ mʋ́tɔ, bwɛ nyɔmba.If you will make nyɔmba, you will first make dablun so that then you will take soup stock from it, and stir the water yam, and put oil in it, and so make nyɔmba.cfnyɔmbamashed yam5.2.3.4Prepared food

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