yiayíâʔv.1to press on somethingOleyia opuli wa kɛntɛtɔ. He stuffed cotton into a bag.7.7.4Press7.3.2.9Pushcomp.iyabwigrinding stone2to squeeze a soreOteyia kebi amʋ ɔlɔ wanklaan.He washes the child's sore very well.2.5.7Treat disease2.5.7.5Traditional medicine3to sharpen a bladeYia mɩ krantɩɛ ha mɩ. Sharpen my cutlass for me. with metal4to walk with a cane/walking stickƆdɛ oyi yia.He is using a walking stick. with difficultycomp.oyi yiahɛwalking stick

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