ɩdan2ɪdã̂(L)pl.ndann.a way of storing certain harvested items, maize, beans, yam, water yamKpoli ɩdan igyi aku anyɔ. Gyankpapʋ a, fókwi nyi yi. Fówun faklɩ ntan manta mʋ́ sʋ, da fʋ kpoli akpʋn sian mʋ́ sʋ.There are two kinds of maize storage. For the first you set up poles and tie crossbars between them and hang the maize from them.Nyɔɔsɩ gyi: Fɔ́pʋ abotodua bwɛ mʋ́. Fówun fatrɛ kpoli amʋ mʋ́ sʋ.The second kind: You use bamboo to make it. You arrange the maize on it (usually in a circular pile).cfɔdankpastorage facilityɩfa2shelter6.5.1.2Types of houses6.2.6.4Store the harvest

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