tsii2t͡síːv.1to uproot; to pull out something connected at one endTsii batɛ amʋ ɩtɛ ha mɩ ampʋ lɛ mɩ asʋtɔ. Pluck a chicken feather for me so I can clean out my ears. something out of somethingcomp.tsii opunistartleder.tsitsiipluck2to appear violently3to suddenly startƆlɔpʋ ansɩpɛ tsii ɔsrɩ gya Ologyo ɔkpa. He was desperate so he suddenly started running after Ologyo. something4to blaze upOgya letsii kɩta paya oyi amʋ. Fire sprang up and caught (burned) the avocado tree.Ogya amʋ detsii ɔswɩtɔ. The fire is burning on the hearth.5.5Fire

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