blɩ1blɪʔ (L) v.1to be hotcfɔpablɩsʋnoon8.3.4Hotcomp.atɔ ɔblɩpʋblacksmithblɩ ogyaheat2to be cookedNɩ atɔ amʋ blɩ a, swɩɩ mʋ́ yaɩ. When the thing is cooked take it off the fire.When the thing is cooked remove it (from the fire) and put it down.8.3.4Hot5.2.1.1Cooking methods3having powerful magicNɩ fɛblɩ dʋbɩ a, fɔ́hɔ. If you play with juju it will destroy you.If you cook (have strong juju) too much, you will burn.

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