wuliwúli v.1to stir a liquidMlɩsi ntsu amʋ wuli, tsufɛ aha bʋdɛ mʋ́ ayasɩ sa. You stop stirring up the water because people are fetching water downstream.Fʋdɛ mbɔdɩ wuli. You are stirring porridge.Mawuli ntsu amʋ, tsufɛ abɛsa mʋ́ nun.Don't stir the water, because we shall fetch it to drink. in food preparation2to disturb a matterTɛkɩ asʋn amʋ lasi ɩda diin; tamɛ ɔkʋ layowuli mʋ́tɔ. The case would have remained quiet, but someone gone and stirred it up.

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