ɔ- -kpaɔ/o- -k͡pa/á contraction-kpacfɔkpa 2n.-zercfx1place where an activity occursɔkparesting placeBɔ mpaɩ fɛɛ onya ɔdɩkpa wanklaan.Pray that he should get a good resting place.8.5.3Be at a place2ending place of an action. for verbs of motion, indicates the ending place of the verb.Akristofɔ ɔkpa gyi Bulu Iwie ogyikpa ɩnʋ. Anɩ agyʋma ɔfʋnkpa nɩ. This is how far our efforts have reached.comp.ogyikpaeating placeowi opwiekpaeast

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