ansigyiansiʤí n.happinessAnsigyi bʋ Bulu woyitɔ. There is happiness in God's house (heaven, also the church).Ansɩ igyi ɔha ánɩ́ Bulu asʋn sʋ ɔdɛ asʋn wun.Happy is the person who is suffering because of God's word.Kebi amʋ la nya ansigyi, tsufɛ mʋ sɩ lahɔ sukuu atadɩɛ pɔpwɛ ba mʋ. The child is happy because his father has bought new school clothes and given them to him.mʋ́ asɩ gyisɛ, mʋ ansɩ lagyi.The reason is that, he is happy about something.Nyebi amʋ ansɩgyi, tsufɛ babla amʋ́ bɛɛ, bɛ́ha amʋ́ sukuu ɔkpa. The children will be happy because they will soon go on vacation.ansɩ dɛ ɔkʋ gyi a, ɔha amʋ ɔpʋ ɩlʋwa yi Bulu ayɛ.If someone is happy. That person especially should sing and praise God. ansigyihappyder.ansigyilahappiness making

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