natɩ1natɪʔ(L)pl.anatɩn.1spiderOrder: Araneae1.6.1.8Spider3.5.4.1Fable, mythcomp.natɩ kɛsɩɛblack spidernatɩ mblawebnatɩ tatiweb2spider; a prototypical mythical animal.Natɩ bʋ ɩkatɔ a, bʋtamagyi mʋ bia. Don't make a commitment without all the facts.If Spider is in the grass they never bargain his price.Natɩ mɔkʋwu. Okude mɔkʋta.A phenomenon hasn't stopped, so the effects continue.Spider hasn't yet died, so dreaming hasn't stopped., mythcomp.natɩ kɩtatingling

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