saasâːʔ dial. var.sanyaScnj.unfortunately and unexpectedlyAtaa lɛkɩ mʋ sika, saa mʋ sika mɔfʋn. Ataa looked at her money, alas, it wasn't enough.Brɛa nɔyɔ a, saa mʋ ɛ ɔba, sʋ anɩ lefia aba ɔkpatɔ. The time that I went, unexpectedly he also came so we met each other on the road.Nofwi ogya amʋ kasian metsii, saa ngya amʋ mɔkʋ wʋlɩ. I fanned the fire unsuccessfully, it didn't flame. Unfortunately, the wood was not dry yet.

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