pleipléí v.1to playNyebi amʋ bʋdeplei mmua nʋ. The children are playing behind the house there.Plei dɛsɔ a, owí dɛ nkudasɩfɔ.Because of play the sun has set on those who have to return to their villages.cfpleiadandle3. doing something4.2.7Play, fun4.2.2.3Celebratecomp.pleiadandleder.opleibaplaymate2to make musicApleipʋ amʋ bʋdeplei olitɔ nʋ. The dance groups are playing at the funeral there.3to not be serious3.1.2.3AttentionIdiom:plei Xtɔnot take seriouslyph. v.plei Xsʋbe rude

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