na1na v.1to move using normal means of propulsionObubwi na afutɔ.Birds fly in the sky. walkAtapʋ amʋ bʋ na amʋ́ ɔkpa sʋ. The hunters are walking on this path. (Perhaps you see their light on the mountain at night).Tsʋn ɔtɩnɛ amʋ nna amʋ. Pass the place I am walking.Kebi amʋ na.The child is walking.cffʋnaaRESPONSE7.2.1.1Walk3to follow a certain courseSɩmpʋa na ɔtsan ha kɛklɛ.Cow boils have different symptoms than boils.Ntsu amʋ ɩna ɩbʋ amʋ abɩntɔ.The stream passes beside the hill., sequence8.4.7Continue, perseverecomp.ɩna X sʋbecause

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