sɩmpʋasɪmpʊan.cow boilAt the time of the West African pound, were used a threepence coin was sɩmpʋa. When these boils heal they leave small circular black scars and so take their name from the coin. They are differentiated from ordinary boils called kɛklɛ more by their outcome than by any physical characteristics. It is believed that if you inject someone who has a sɩmpʋa they will die. Recently a woman with severe hypertension developed a boil. As a logical extension of the above she went off her antihypertensives.Sɩmpʋa na ɔtsan ha kɛklɛ.Cow boils have different symptoms than boils.Cow boil walks differently than kɛklɛ.Nɩ ɩda fʋ a, igyi fɛ kɛklɛ tamɛ ɩtɛha fʋ ɩwɩ tɛblɩ ogya.If you get it, it is like a boil, but it makes your body hot.Nɩ fofuti a, ɩbɛ́talɩ mɔ fʋ.If you inject, it can kill you.Nnantswɩɛ ɛ bʋ tɔlɔ mʋ. Mʋ́ sʋ bʋtɛtɩ mʋ́ ɔnantswie sɩmpʋa nɩ.Cows also get these boils. Because of this they call it cow boil. disease

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