2kɔʔ(L) v.to defecateAbatɛ amʋ ba bʋla amʋ́ obun amʋ. The chickens have defecated, filling their coop.Gyagya tama. A bat never defecates.Nɩ ɩ dɛ fʋ a, natɩ yɔ oyisʋ.If you need to defecate, then go to the toilet.2.2.8Defecate, fecesIdiom:yesi ayabi ɔkpadefecateyɔ owie woyidefecateyɔ oyisʋdefecateyɔ ɔkpatɔdefecateyɔtswɩ oyi bibi tsitsadefecate

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