fwifwiʔ v.1blow air at somethingAtɔ lakpa wie mɩ ansibitɔ sʋ kokoli fwi mʋ́ lɛ ha mɩ. Something has fallen into my eye so please blow it out for me.Bʋtɔpʋ obia fwi ɩbɛ.They use torches to fire palm wine.Bʋtofwi ɩbɛ mɛnɩ nta amʋ bɛpaɩ.They smoke palm trees so that the wine will ferment.Papa nɩ. Bʋtɔpʋ fwi afu. This is a fan. They use it for blowing wind. air2to singe something with a torchcomp.fwi ansɩshrewd

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